Ale Feijó

Ale Feijó Tus mano y mis manos
Ale Feijó

My women are one woman… it is me, carrying all the others in the artistic representation of my interiority”.

With a feverish and passionate brushstroke with her pencil, she skillfully takes her viewers into the feminine world using light and shadow, layered textures of rich and bold tints, or glazes com-bined with sketches, writings and passionate strokes.

Ale Feijó is a Fine Arts graduate and Graphic Designer from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina.
In addition to her long career as a designer, she has extensive teaching experience, having been an adjunct professor of Typography Gonzalez in the career of Graphic Design among other professorships in which she has developed her educational work. She currently teaches Urban Intervention and Mural in the fourth year of the Fine Arts Teacher Training course at the Santa Ana Institute in parallel to teaching Human Figure Drawing.

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