“The Art of Collecting” 2nd Edition

19 marzo al 21 de mayo

Lanzarote Art Gallery

Exhibition details

“The Art of Collecting “2nd Edition Collecting art, a tailor-made passion A group exhibition is, in essence, the pooling, by coexisting and sharing the same space, of different discourses that, in one way or another, speak of the human being and the world. The fusion of different points of view, in dialogue, aims to establish questions, create doubts, destabilise, alter what is presented to us as closed, as ordering principles or unquestionable certainties. Contingency characterises human life. Conflict is consubstantial, inherent, inseparable from the human being and inherent to democracy. Confusion forces us to reflect, to rethink what is imposed on us as truth. It implies feeling alone and insecure, that is to say, not feeling free. “Collectors are happy people”, said Goethe. At Lanzarote Art Gallery your adventure can begin. Visit our art gallery or our online version, where you can see our artists, always happy to open the doors of their studios. Lanzarote Art Gallery & Eduardo Fariña Art Collector, is a contemporary art gallery, a new way of making culture direct and close to society. This project is a model of “Galería Viva”, a new concept, a dynamic and ephemeral gallery as a meeting point between different artistic disciplines in the same space. A simple way to share our knowledge to make it easier to understand all artistic disciplines: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Engraving or Photography. The result is therefore a parade of works of art, which are renewed every short period of time, giving us a complete vision of the works of our most important artists. A great occasion to transmit our message as a Gallery and to show some of the most promising artists of our environment. An important selection of works will be on display from March 19 to May 21, 2021. ( M-F from 11:30-14:00 and 17:30-20:30 hours). Lanzarote Art Gallery is an art gallery known for showcasing established and emerging talent, investing now in the creators who are shaping the way we consume art and design. Prepare to contemplate your surroundings from a new perspective, with the power of art that will lead you to understand the everyday and the minute in a simple way, on a journey through beauty.