“Ocean Brushstrokes”.

Exhibition details

Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña Art Collector, is pleased to invite you next Thursday 1st of July from 20:00 hours to the opening of the exhibition:

“Ocean Brushstrokes”.

Two internationally renowned artists, Ely Phenix and Sergio Hanquet, accompany us in the exploration of the ocean.

Both of them have always been disseminators of love, knowledge and safeguarding of the marine world and, in particular, of the peculiar ecosystems of the Canary Islands archipelago.

Ely Phenix is the only female artist in the world to create underwater paintings in the ocean of the Canary Islands. With her we dive into the depths, listening to the memories of the water inside and outside of us. Observing her works, we feel we are in our mother’s womb, the womb from which we were born and the womb of planet Earth. An element, water, which for Phenix has been and is a container to expand her awareness of herself and of the world. It is an anthological exhibition of her artistic journey as a watercolourist, over the years, in the scientific study of the microcosm of aquatic animals for international books and magazines. Her porcelain works are born from the need for three-dimensionality, the need to feel the form in her own hands. As a consequence of combining his love for art and the ocean, he creates his works underwater.

Sergio Hanquet is a name associated with the sea of the Canary Islands. A tireless spirit, a heart devoted to the beauty of the islands. His books, his photographs and his person are the living testimony of the true freedom that one breathes under the ocean.

His main objective is to document the encounter, the moment or the event experienced, without artifice, but with personality. His images are featured in the most prestigious national and international media, as well as in his own informative works on the marine environment of the Canary Islands.

He is the author of seven books. The proposed images are part of his collection MAR DE NÓMADAS, whose protagonists are the pelagic species found in the Canary Islands archipelago.

A great occasion to transmit our message as a Gallery and to show some of the most promising artists of our environment.

An important selection of works will be on display from 1 July to 10 September, 2021.

(M-F from 11:30-14:00 and 17:30-20:30 hours).