Madrid in Lanzarote

Madrid en Lanzarote

5 de Julio al 28 de Agosto 2019 20:00 Horas

Galeria de Arte Lanzarote Art Gallery. Avda de Islas Canarias 12. CC Las Maretas L18/19 35508_ Costa Teguise

Albert Sesma-Carmen Espinosa- Carmen Otarola- Eduardo Varela- José Chafer- Raúl Suárez- Masqali

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“Madrid is home of all, because in its small world, natives and foreigners are children of equal affection.”

                                                                                                                         Calderón de la Barca  El maestro de danzar.

Grouping such different artists in one single space, with such a variety of styles and procedures, makes sense in this case. Thanks to the common element that envelops them, they are creators who have found in Madrid the place to develop their stories or where they have passed important stages of their lives, both learning and genesis of their artistic evolution, as well as the ideal workshop where to develop their aspirations. They also have a common bond of generosity and humility, of infinite capacities and excellent professionals. You cannot ask for more.

Or yes maybe, I hope you’re as excited as I am.

                                                                                      Júlia Rueda