Goyo Domínguez

Goyo Domínguez

Goyo Domínguez Artista Lanzarote Art Gallery

Currículum y Biografía   Fuentecén (Burgos) 1960

Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Granted by the landscape department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid. I was born into a humble family. My father had a natural talent for drawing and made portraits of his brothers during a long period of convalescence due to a serious illness. No doubt I inherited this love of drawing, and since a was a boy I used pieces of charcoal to create small “murals” on the whitewashed walls of the house patio under the watchful eye of my mother. At the age of ten I entered the seminary of H.H. Marists to start high school. There I found an atmosphere that stimulated my fondness for the arts, because they often organized theater, musical, literary or pictorial activities. I had the opportunity to paint great murals of religious content that reached great diffusion in Spain and Hispano-America.
In 1982 I started the Fine Arts career in the Complutense, being a student of teachers like Agustín Úbeda, Antonio Guijarro, or José Carralero, who granted me an end-of-career landscape scholarship. I remember in an endearing way the advice and dedication of the drawing teacher Álvaro Paricio, who offered me the opportunity to stay in the university as an associate professor, and, of course, I remember with much affection the companions of career that I learned so much. In the university I met the painter Raquel Perez Fariñas, mother of my daughter Maria and partner of life and common artistic illusions  in those initial years.
In 1990 the Art dealer Sam Benady opens a gallery next to the Prado Museum and proposes to work exclusively with him, doing a great job of promoting my work by prestigious galleries around the world until 2008.

I want to highlight, within the work of these last years, my participation in the Cosenza Project. In this beautiful Calabrian city I painted for two months five murals of two by three meters each, representing historical scenes related to the Spanish influence in that area of Italy. It has been a wonderful human and artistic experience, allowing me to share my passion for art with such masters as John Pickind, Richard Whimcop, Silvia Pecha and Alexander Barbera Ivanov. This artistic experience has given me the prodigious wealth of working as a team in a creative project, surpassing hobbies and personal interests to build a common goal. It has been something new for me, accustomed to painting always in the solitude of a studio, and for which I feel deeply grateful.  Thanks to my wife Rosa María Herrero, for his love.
I thank those who, throughout my life, have supported me to make possible this dream of being able to dedicate myself to this that makes me so happy: simply paint!

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