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Begoña Lafuente
Begoña Lafuente, (Spain, 1969) is a pictorial, graphic and multimedia artist; currently, she develops her main creations from her studio by the North Sea, in Holland.

Her career has its roots in graphic design developed in Madrid in the early 90s, at a key moment for this discipline, when it reached the rank of artistic expression inside and outside the field of corporate image in Spain.

Begoña intertwines her classical and artistic learning as a graduate in Fine Arts with the latest trends in representation in a constant research work, and expands her experience as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator in different corporate identity and advertising companies.

In 2009 she moved to Holland. Here, Lafuente met local and international artists from different fields and integrated a new reality into her work, which she fused with cut-outs from the Spanish school in her paintings. He plays with different techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, photography, scans and monograms.

He studies the human being as a symbol of expression of the self; and creates an emotional and visual tension through the use of thematic contrasts, colour, biological versus geometric forms, all representations of an ever-changing nature.

His portfolio also incorporates recognisable forms from the great masters of art history from a contemporary point of view.