destinos encontrados

Found Destinations

9 de junio 2022 20 horas

Lanzarote Art gallery. C. C. Las Maretas- Avda Islas Canarias 12 Costa Teguise

Exhibition details

A new proposal from Art Space and Lanzarote Art Gallery that brings together three international women artists.
From different geographies, with different visions and with personal languages and themes, they have found a common destiny in this exhibition that brings them together in our gallery.
Three women, three visual artists whose languages of excellence have brought them to these lands where their art has found a place to be shared.

Marité Crespo, from Córdoba, Argentina, travels a path loaded with contents that question her, without absolute truths, expressing herself through mixed techniques among which are painting, engraving and drawing. Her work in art, both in abstraction and figuration, presents her as an artist in a constant visceral and sensitive search for answers to the concerns of our time in the face of chaos and beauty.

Ale Feijó is Argentinean and lives in Buenos Aires. Her work speaks of the feminine universe, her emotions, corporeality and the bond we establish with her.
Drawing is her essential tool, and her pencil the magic wand with which she builds her universe of the sensitive. She combines the graphite technique with acrylic, transfers of digital images that she creates herself, inks, charcoal, etc., creating a language in which she combines the classicism of drawing with contemporary notes in composition and framing.

Begoña Lafuente, born in Spain, lives in the Netherlands.
Restless and a researcher, she experiences art as a timeless conversation where not everything is said and the essential is not obvious.
It is precisely these meanings that she seeks in her creations to achieve a special complicity with the viewer, always looking for the viewer to conclude her pieces.
His work is a game of combinations, where materials, textures and colours improvise new routes for the senses.

Ale Feijó