Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña, invite you to enjoy the exhibition

11 August 2022 - 8 p.m.

Art Gallery in Costa Teguise

-Ale Feijó -Alfredo -Montaña -Ana Reynolds -Begoña Lafuente -Carlos Parra -Maite Cantó -Marité Crespo -Mia Cometa -Rafael Heredia

Exhibition details

“Timeless Conversations”. 11th August 20:00 hours

-Ale Feijó -Alfredo -Montaña -Ana Reynolds -Begoña Lafuente -Carlos Parra -Maite Cantó -Marité Crespo -Mia Cometa -Rafael Heredia

A work of art establishes a dialogue with the viewer outside of real time, where the sensibility of the artist and the spectator meet in a recreation of the work.

This is the proposal that Lanzarote Art Gallery together with Art Space by Ladrón de Guevara will present from August 11th.

“Timeless Conversations”, a visual chat between artists of diverse and rich languages who present in their works their way of seeing and their artistic sensibility.

The exhibition opens on 11 August and will remain open until 7 October.

This group exhibition is an opportunity for the artists to expand on the contents already dealt with in the past in their artistic research.

Furthermore, through the reading proposed in the exhibition route in the spaces of Lanzarote Art Gallery, it will be understood in its broadest sense, as a vehicle of life, soul, emotion and dream.

A great opportunity to transmit our message as a Gallery and to show some of the most promising artists of our environment.

We have a large collection of national and international paintings, sculptures and photographs. Come and see us or visit our art space.

(M-F from 11:30-14:00 and 17:30-20:30 hours).