3 de Mayo al 28 de Junio 2019

Lanzarote Art Gallery Avda Islas Canarias Local 18/19 Costa Teguise 35508 Lanzarote

Exclusive Artists Susana Pannullo Alfredo Montaña Fabio Hurtado Goyo Domínguez Modesto Roldán Jesús Torrez MASQALI Rafael Heredia Fabio Arnaudon Roberto Batista FERNANDO ARROYO ANTONIO VILLANUEVA granados valdés Alonso Santiago Carlos Parra José lucas

Exhibition details


A collective exhibition is, in essence, the sharing, by living together and occupying the same space, of different discourses that, in one way or another, speak of the human being and the world. The fusion of the various views, in dialogue, seeks to establish questions, create doubts, destabilize, alter what is presented as closed, as ordering principles or unquestionable certainties. Contingency characterizes human life. Conflict is consubstantial, inherent, inseparable to the human being and proper to democracy.
Confusion forces us to reflect, to reconsider what is imposed on us as truth. It implies feeling alone and insecure, that is, not feeling free. As Victoria Camps says, art has “the virtuality of perplexing us, of spreading confusion where everything seemed clear, of stimulating curiosity towards the unknown, of giving value to the expressions of others”. Confusion creates suspicion, brings nuances and doubting attitudes. Confusion stimulates the search for personal paths, raising a voice of its own and, in its recognition, to be able to listen to the voices of others.