Rita Fauria

Rita Fauria
Rita Fauria

I was born in San Hilario Sacalm, in a family of hoteliers and woodworkers, that is to say, in a family of entrepreneurs, with a lot of art and beautiful things.
After leaving a nuns’ boarding school I went abroad as an aupair to learn English for business. But I went to Germany because family friends recommended it to us, because in London at the time of the Beatles they didn’t think it was safe for a single girl. There, with three children in my care and at that time without pay, I spent four months there, during which, on Sundays off, the son of our German friends showed me around beautiful Bavaria.
After a year I was married to him!
Now I know German well!
I have lived in Germany for 48 years. Three children and four grandchildren.
As a child I was already very observant and restless. I liked to draw with a pencil and I loved colours. At school I was suspended from drawing because I didn’t draw a cow as the teacher wanted me to.
With my children we always drew, it was normal.
I started painting twenty years ago, my friend, the art teacher Robert Reiter, gave me private lessons, and I took painting courses. I started with watercolour. It is a joy of colours and shapes. Then oil painting, but I soon switched to acrylics because I am restless and it has to happen now. I have always exhibited alone in and outside my home town, in cafés, restaurants, clinics, offices, Dresner Bank, Museum, in a Gallery together with other artists, and I was also in the art association of Coburg. I had my own gallery in my house.
We have been living in Tenerife for four years now and I am very happy to be in the Canaries!

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