“The Stigma of Beauty in the Curve of Your Body”

Publicado el Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña Art Collector, on Friday 24th of July from 20:00h we inaugurate the exhibition  

“The Stigma of Beauty in the Curve of Your Body”

Beauty has been the object of study, adoration and contemplation throughout human history. Beauty could definirse as a simple light reflejada, with its shadows, with its nuances and affronts that as a stigma points to those who possess it and buries in life those who do not have it. Beauty turns the being into an object and leads it along the path of the agonic and hypnotic anguish produced by the contemplation of something that fascinates us. Beauty always transmits the sensation of wanting to be possessed; it is the diamond that the raven seeks. Beauty fascinates and drives you crazy, so even though it may seem a virtue, it is often a condemnation. Hence the stigma, the bad reputation, the mark made with hot iron on the curve of your body. The beauty seen and interpreted by this selection of painters that brings together this exhibition is structured in three different visions of beauty that wrap the fervent beats of their authors in each given stroke. Beauty categorizes our senses into abstract ranges of thought to lead to new feelings before the work presented. Beauty is what saves us from the tedium of everyday life.

Jimena Mazucco is a philosopher

The Exhibition has a curated selection of some of our best artists, an exhibition dedicated to consolidated and emerging Contemporary Art, aimed at art lovers and national and international collectors.

We take this opportunity to give emerging artists more visibility in the Art of the Islands and in particular Costa Teguise.

A great occasion to transmit our message as a Gallery and to show some of the most promising artists of our environment.
We present new work by international Spanish artists such as:

The pictorial geometry of Alfredo Montaña (Oviedo Asturias 1945)
Modesto Roldan and eroticism in all its forms. (Nerva, Huelva 1926-2014.)
Sherezade Morales the sensuality of modernism in the harmony of color and geometry (Lanzarote 1984) Great-granddaughter of the artisan Simón Morales, master of the timple canary.

Lanzarote Art Gallery is an art gallery known for showing the consolidated and emerging talent in which to invest now in the creators who are shaping our way of consuming design and art.

Get ready to contemplate your surroundings from a new perspective, with the power of art that will lead you to understand the everyday and the minimal in a simple way, in a journey through beauty.