Susana Pannullo

Susana   Pannullo, an Argentinean with indigenous and Italian roots, was born in Buenos Aires but currently lives in Madrid. She studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Argentina, at the Sívori Museum of Buenos Aires and atMorón University, Buenos Aires. Her work has been exhibited at various art fairs and exhibitions in Buenos Aires,Madrid, Barcelona, London, Mexico and the US.     Her work is spiritual in its context, but it is also literature, music, aflowing river that progresses from the deepest parts of her soul, purposely opening up a path in the middle of a worlddevoid of artistic interests.

The symbolism of colours, which is central to the path of life, is shown in all her dreamlike paintings, emphasising, intheir material designs, chaotic passions locked into a bold and uncontrolled struggle for life that is, at the same time, astruggle in search of order. This uncontrollable energy races onward, never halting, passion is red, black represents difficulty, white, the yearning for silence!!!, infinite peace, greys, the step before light!!! Everything speaks of the dailyfuture, of her continual search. In short what she’s looking for is expressed through her art. As Oscar Wilde said“Expression is the only mode under which an artist can conceive life at all”.

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