Rafael Heredia

Rafael Heredia
Torre del Mar (Málaga), 1949
Creative and non-conformist from a very early age and with a critical and obsessive perception. He looks for simple forms of expression where logic and discipline prevail, which are always above his creativity.
He is an architect and has studied photography, serigraphy and printing techniques. He has been practicing modelling and sculpture intensively and continuously.His work has always been linked to the most absolute privacy, away from all the social and commercial circuits.The figures of Rafael Heredia convey to the inquisitive spectator his devotion to the taste for sculpting, drawing and painting.
The shapes of the figures reveal this pleasure for getting carried away by this act of creation, concerning the theme of the artwork. It is perceived and sensed how the artist slides his hands or his brush on a section of a figure with more pleasure or devotion than on other parts.
One can see and feel when the artist enlarges a volume, when he traces a line beyond its limits, escaping from the classic symmetry to create a harmonious figure but also a free and a new one.
The work of Rafael Heredia has a component of harmony and delicacy combined with figures of souls full of mystery
His artworks are – making a simile with the deep love that the author feels for classical music – a disconcerting concert.

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