Cartagena, 1969. She begins to exhibit in 2003 and continues a constant trajectory recognized by multiple awards. Masqali shows us a personal universe expressed with irony, tenderness and compassion that invites the viewer to decipher meanings hidden in the roots of its own nature.

Her work is a source of expressiveness and a splendid game of color through which she resolves suggestions of abstracted spaces, without doubt from deep experiences.

Her interpretation is very personal, broad in concept and free of expressive choice, distancing herself from a descriptive interpretation of the natural that she does not remove to show an excellent temper of intrinsic qualities of painting.

Her forms exploit this taste for being carried away in the very act of creation, on the object of the work of art. One perceives and captures how the artist slides her hands or her paintbrush on a canvas, with more pleasure or more vocation than on another part.

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