Heleci Ramírez

Heleci Ramírez/ Tegucigalpa, Honduras 1980

Honduran photographer/Artist. She has developed in the area of corporate communication and in the photographic documentation of projects and initiatives in the artistic-cultural areas, besides dedicating herself to the teaching of photography at university and independent level.  She has been involved in the artistic area since her beginnings as a photographer experimenting with different media related to the image. As a visual artist, she has exhibited both collective and individual exhibitions in Honduras, Cuba, Panama and Spain.  The play between disparate elements is what gives life to their collections that relate through visual poetry and art-object different personal perspectives trapped by a scanner, another means of technology that has allowed her to experiment since 2005, motivating her to reconstruct small stories with a visual proximity that is born from her fixation with detail and that of counting the absurd, not so absurd. Her works cross the boundary between photography and digital art, proposing a connection to photography from light and an essential distance from the objects she explores for her narratives.

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