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Arte Global was created by Alejandra Malvicino and Victor Palermo in Argentina in 2010 and formalized in Brazil in early 2020.
In Arte Global we are dedicated to art in its different expressions, we participate in the activities generated by different institutions, international organizations, galleries and entities related to art.

We create and develop our own projects together with international artists and partners. We are currently working with 22 countries.

2021- Authorized Cultural Manager for Lanzarote Art Gallery in Canary Islands Spain for their International 3D Gallery Project.
2021- Project created with Lanzarote Art Gallery in Canary Islands Spain for International Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Cultural Management for Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Panama, USA, Turkey, France, India, Tunisia, Iraq, Ukraine, Nigeria and new countries in talks.