Francisco UMBRAL tells us about Modesto Roldán

Publicado el Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Roldán animates and embellishes female hair like an astronomer depicting a galaxy or a Renaissance artist sketching a chalice. Roldán is a Cellini with surrealist touches.

Cellini is a Roldán with touches of the sensual Baroque and Mannerist Virgins of Andalusia. Roldán is the last devotee of Rubén and the first of surrealism. Roldán is the silversmith of dreams and the engraver of the delicate alloy that is forged in the solitude of the body.

Modesto Roldán is the sensuality of Baudelaire rectified by the vigour of the Louvre. Pure contradiction, like Rilke’s rose, the internal tension of the image, the hand of the idiot savant with every day more method in his madness, in his painting, in his dying.

Francisco Umbral (Madrid, 11 May 1932 – Madrid, 28 August 2007) was a Spanish poet, journalist, novelist, biographer and essayist. The winner of numerous literary prizes, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in a tribute to his career

Francisco UMBRAL  Madrid 1988