17 de Enero al 22 de Febrero 2020

sala de Exposiciones lanzarote Art Gallery

Alfredo Montaña- Vicente Verdú- Jesús Torrez- Masqali- José C. Córdoba- R. Miralles- Albert Sesma-

Exhibition details

Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña Art Collector, is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition “eXuberancia “ on January 17 from 19:00h

eXuberancia has a curated selecction of some of our best artists, an exhibition dedicated to consolidated and emerging Contemporary Art, aimed at art lovers and national and international collectors.

We take this opportunity to give emerging artists more visibility in the Art Week of the Canary Islands and specifically Costa Teguise.

A great opportunity to transmit our message as Art Gallery and show some of the works of some of the most promising artists of our ambit.

We present new work of Spanish international artist as:

The pictorial geometry of Alfredo Montaña (Madrid) Intimate Works and rund shapes, with a certain dreamlike atmosphere of the 20s of Fabio Hurtado (Madrid) The scuptor Rafael Heredia (Málaga) with unique pieces The abstract painter Masqali (Sevilla) The figurative painting of  José Carlos Córdoba (Plasencia- Cáceres) Jesús Torrez (Tenerife), abstract artist in all its magnitude

An important selection of Works of both paintings and sculptures will be display from January 17 till February 22 ( M-F: 11:30-14:00  and  17:30-20:30 ; S:11:30-14:00).

Lanzarote Art Gallery is an Art Gallery known for displaying consolidated and emerging talent in wich to invest now in the creators who are shaping our way of consuming design and art.

Be ready to contemplate your surranding from a new visión with the power of art that will lead you to understand everyday life and easily infuse it on a jorney through beauty.


Julia Rueda Barrabino
Degree in Fine Arts
Restorative and conservative works of art
Curator of the exhibition