Converted Moments in Geometry

From december 3, to january 20, 2021

Exhibition details

Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña Art Collector, is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 3rd December from 8pm:

“Moments turned into geometry” is the result of some sketches that Masqali made during his stay as a development worker in Gaba (Ethiopia) in October 2019.

Every afternoon a group of children went to visit her to paint with her. While the children were drawing, she could not resist and took the markers and started

to form geometrical blocks in their notebook of squares.

Masqali expresses through geometry and colours moments that he has had next to a village in Ethiopia that is already part of it and is where he has his greatest moments of inspiration.

In each work he reflects feelings that have made him grow on a personal level and see life in a different way.

His works are full of different textures, a fundamental part for Masqali. When you touch them you can feel the strength they give off when you hold onto the canvas. The same force that the artist holds on to in order to move her art forward.

Exhibition dedicated to her children in Gaba (Ethiopia)

A great occasion to transmit our message as a Gallery and to show some of the most promising artists of our environment.

We present new work by the artist: Masqali

An important selection of photographs will be on display from 3 December to 20 January 2021

( M-F from 11:30-14:00 and from 17:30-20:30).

Lanzarote Art Gallery is an art gallery known for showing consolidated and emerging talent in which to invest now in the creators who are shaping our way of consuming design and art.

Get ready to contemplate your surroundings from a new perspective, with the power of art that will lead you to understand the everyday and the minimal in a simple way, in a journey through art.