Carmen Espinosa Soto

Carmen Espinosa

“I’m moving away from loneliness to find my way in the hands”

In her work, Carmen Espinosa starts from the search for open spaces, where she finds peace and quiet. She creates scenes of lines, planes but also of people, spaces of encounters where the instant seems to freeze, and the spectator expects something to happen. They are static scenes but they provoke the need of the event

Silent and introverted, she found the opportunity to express herself strongly through art.

Self-taught in her initial stage, and longing to perfect the different painting techniques, she attended classes with professionals of the stature of Elvira Gutiérrez and Consuelo Chacón and Julia Rueda

Once immersed in his learning, the sculpture caught his attention, shaping the clay connected at an even deeper level.

Among her teachers are Julia Rueda Ana Olano and Amparo Martin.

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