Modesto Roldán- Nerva, Huelva 1926-2014

Publicado el Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Modesto Roldán Lanzarote Art Gallery

MODESTO ROLDÁN   Nerva, Huelva 1926-2014

 MINOTAUR BY PICASSO.  Modesto Roldán met Pablo Picasso in the 1950s in Paris.  Picasso did a series of paintings with his peculiar vision of the legend of the Minotaur.  Roldán, inspired by Picasso’s drawings, enhances the same theme with his own vision and style.  He imagined them as rich inhabitants of the coast of Crete.  Their houses, full of works of art and beautiful women, often host festive gatherings that end up in orgies in which they make happy the women with whom they maintain a relationship of mixed feelings.  On Sundays, Minotaurs meet death at the hands of the Greek gladiators.