Albert Sesma

Albert Sesma ( París 1976)

Disciple of Antonio López.He paints his interior, sometimes. He paints what surrounds him, many times.

Albert Sesma, after a cubist phase, which taught him to transmit with color and geometric shapes, acquires, after knowing Antonio López, an urban and rational nuance, applying all his knowledge of color and texture, to the current everyday reality.

A fresh and vigorous brushstroke surrounds this Navarrese painter, born in Paris. A force in the impasto make his painting, a phase of quiet between Antonio López and Lucian Freud. Hence the force in color, hence the force in extreme compositions.

The Atmosphere and the deformations, make the spectator see a realistic scene, but at the same time, it has pop nuances, modern nuances that make Albert’s painting an attractiveness in color and insinuation.

What is finished does not always look correct and what is unfinished is not always wrong.

Albert teaches drawing at the Las Fuentes de Logroño school. Besides, he teaches children and transmits what he has inside through painting. He enjoys knowing that Creativity gets into the heads of the students, making them better persons.

In short,  Albert Sesma tries to introduce the viewer into a reality that is mediated by the winds and smells that can be created in the scenes. The paintings are full of nuances, full of fillings that show the insistence of the work of this Navarrese painter.

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