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Expo Mohoho Tava

“Mohoho Tava” Earth Rock.

Lanzarote Art Gallery by Eduardo Fariña and Art Space by Ladrón de Guevara invite you to enjoy the exhibition“Mohoho Tava Tierra de Roca”. Marité Crespo -Mia Cometa The dialogue of […]

Ask questions and give answers, seek the truth, always in pursuit of development and perfection, share that which is good and beautiful: these are the characteristics all geniuses have in common. Lanzarote Art Gallery brings together geniuses and recipients of the art they create. We adore both creators and art lovers. Sensitivity to art is a measure of humanity. Art is what makes us human. One does not have to be rich, well-educated or experienced to love art. You just need to be open, trust your feelings and your senses……allow us to share our passion with you. Love, passion and beauty have neither end nor beginning. They are endless, they are eternal.

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Art has become a safe investment and it is therefore important to know what you are acquiring; what you are investing in. Our team of experts will advise you on each and every aspect related to the acquisition of a work of art.

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We value and compare each piece of art based on our experience. Our teamwork offers objective advice based on the documents and classification of art collections. Our team has a long history in the private and corporate section.


ART SPACE by Ladrón de Guevara.

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